Buisness Packages

Why crawl along the Internet when you can fly?

Community Communications Company brings you Internet service at speeds many times faster than dial-up service directly through your cable TV service. It's easy to set up, easy to use and incredibly convenient.

High speed Internet service is the best choice for today's Internet user. The high speed of cable Internet service comes with unparalleled network reliability and unlimited connection times (network traffic limits apply).

The Community Communications Company Internet service enables you to work more effectively, play harder, and explore the Internet further, faster. Find out more about our different levels of service:

Community Internet Buisness Internet Services

Enterprise (Up to 8000 kbps down/784 kbps up )*

Small Biz (Up to 5000 kbps down/512 kbps up)*


Other Charges

Cable Modem Rental**


High Speed Internet Installation


  • * Prices reflect base price of service. 
  • ** Customer may purchase their own equipment.   Must be docsis2.0 compatible.
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