Windows Live Mail 2011

1.  Install the lateest version of Windows Live Mail 2011 from microsoft Click HERE.


 2.  Double click on the downloaded file to start the installation process.  Select "Choose the Programs you want to install"

 3.  Select the programs you want to install.  If you only want email uncheck all boxes except for Mail.  When you are done selecting programs to install Click the Install button. 

4.  Wait for the program to install.  When finished click Close.

 5.  Start Windows Live Mail 2011.  It will be located under Start, All Programs.

6.  Fill in the Email Address, Password, and Your Display Name.  Check the box labled Mannually configure server settings.  Click Next.

 7. Fill In incoming and outgoing server information.  The incoming and outgoing server is  Put your email address under Logon user name.  Check the box labled Requires authentication.  Click Next.

 8.  Click Finish.


 9.  Setup is complete.  Click on  send and receive to check for new messages.

 10.  if you encounter an error you can click on Account and Properties to check your settings.


 11.  Check you Setting starting with Name and Email address.

 12  Click the Servers tab.  Make sure the incoming and outgoing mail server is  Check that you have the entire email address under Email username.  Make sure that there is a check in the box labled My server requires authentication.


13.  Click Settings.  Make sure the radio button labled Use same settings as my incoming mail server is selected.  Click OK

 14. Click Security.  Make sure your settings match the ones below.  It is not nessary to change any of these settings.


 15.  Click on the advanced tab.  Make sure your settings match the ones below.


 16 Click on OK.  Click on Email and  send and receive.  If you still receive an error please contact Support.  Please  leave the error up on your screen.  Support will need it to further assist you.












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